Time Machine Girls

Book One: Secrets

Don’t go in the attic.

Out of the more than 100 rules their grandparents gave them to follow, that one was the most important, so of course, it was also the first one Book One: SecretsHazel’s six-year-old sister, Bess, decides to break. Hazel cannot believe she has to be in charge of her rule-breaking little sister this entire summer. What could be worse for an eight-year-old who always follows the rules?

But she never expected Bess would accidentally uncover a dark family secret that involves a hidden time machine and their mysterious, and grumpy, grandpa.

Just when she thought her summer couldn’t get any worse, Hazel finds herself stuck in the time of Colonial America, trying to keep her sister under control while also trying to make it back. She quickly finds out that she and her sister are going to have to work together to figure this out, but that maybe, that’s not such a bad thing after all.



Book Two: Follow Failure 

Book Two Coming July 28, 2015

The only thing 8-year-old Hazel wants this summer is to have fun without getting into trouble. Problem is, she’s stuck at her grandparents’ boring farmhouse with nothing to do, about 100 rules to follow, and she’s in charge of her crazy little sister, Bess, a walking disaster in a princess outfit.

But when she and Bess stumble onto a time machine and a dark family secret in the farmhouse attic, Hazel is pretty sure her summer’s going to get even crazier than thought – especially when she and Bess find themselves trapped in time with Thomas Edison. Can Hazel get them back before her little sister ruins everything? And to make matters worse – this time, their grumpy grandfather seems to know they’ve taken his time machine…


Book Three: Courage

After 8small_2Cover_Courage_TMG3-year-old Hazel and her little sister, Bess, stumbled across a time machine in their grandparents’ attic, Hazel was pretty sure her summer vacation couldn’t possibly get any crazier. Little did she know, that was just the beginning.

Now Hazel’s summer includes babysitting her 6-year-old sister while she runs wild through time, helping her grandfather return stolen items to their places in history, and uncovering a bunch of family secrets that just get stranger and stranger the more she finds out about them. But Hazel is one of the most dependable rule-followers around, so she can handle it. Or can she

Sick of her “responsible image,” Hazel is left with more than a few tough choices. But one of the toughest comes when she realizes that if she and her sister are going to survive on the Underground Railroad, she might have to rethink her law-abiding ways and find the true meaning of courage.

Book Four: Teamworksmall_webiste_cover_tmg4

This could be dangerous…

That’s just about the only thing Hazel remembers her grandfather saying before she and Bess are swept away in the time machine again. This time to Paris, France. The year is 1914 and not only is there a war going on, but there’s also a famous scientist who needs their help. And the girls must learn to work together in order to help her.

Add in a curious neighbor, a mysterious notebook, and an unexpected side trip and you’ll see why working together might be the hardest thing they face this time around.