About me

And here are my feet

Hi. I’m Ernestine Tito Jones, a children’s book author, and here’s more about me than you could possibly be interested in:

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. in Northern Virginia where I was always the shy, but surprisingly loud, frizzy-haired girl who liked to make up stories. I now live in California with my husband and three kids. Still shy, still loud, and I still love to make up stories.

“Unfortunately,” said my hair. “Not a lot has changed.”

I am second generation biracial, which is just a fancy way to say my mother is biracial. In other words, my grandfather was black and pretty much everyone else in my family is white. But I only mention this because some people consider that an interesting fact about me. It actually doesn’t matter what race, religion, color, gender, frizzy-hair-type or anything else you happen to be in life — you are awesome because you are you, completely one-of-a-kind you. Never forget that.

I try to write the kind of books that I hope will inspire you to think and grow to incredible heights while also helping you to realize just how clever, fun, and amazing you already are — (and that it’s perfectly okay to be absolutely awful and crazy sometimes too). It’s all a part of life. We make mistakes. It’s no big deal. We learn and move on.

Believe it or not, Ernestine Tito Jones wasn’t the name I was born with, but it’s the name I thought was my name when I was a little kid. My real name is much, much different. You might be wondering how on earth anyone could think their name is Ernestine Tito Jones when their real name is much, much different.

It’s kind of a funny story and one best told with pictures, so if you really want to know, hang tight. I hope to post a video soon that explains the only other interesting fact about me.

To be continued…