The new Time Machine Girls book is out!!!

The third book in the Time Machine Girls series is finally out! It’s called Courage, and in it, Hazel and Bess find out what it’s like to “ride” on the Underground Railroad. They meet Harriet Tubman, get chased by bounty hunters, learn the true meaning of the word “courage,” help their grandfather return stolen items to history —  and all while uncovering more clues about their family’s secret. Phew! And I thought my summer vacation was busy the year we went to Orlando! (Lol!)

Anyway, here it is. I’m not so sure I love the cover. I’ve been making my own covers, but only because I’m a self-published author on a shoestring budget. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to afford better.

At any rate, hope you like the book!

Book Three of the Time Machine Girls