Busy adding stuff to my book

I’m just going to admit it — I’m messing up all over the place. As a new author, I had no idea all the things I needed to do. My book Time Machine Girls was up and running, and I didn’t even have any front or back matter in there. What’s the matter with me?!

If you don’t know what front and back matter is — it’s the stuff before and after a story like “here’s a link to my author bio on Amazon” or “here are more stories from me” or “here’s a fancy picture.” I didn’t even have an author bio on Amazon — that’s how utterly clueless I was. I just ended the book with “The End.” Thinking back on it, I may not have even included the words “the end.”

At any rate, I’ve been busy updating the book to include back and front matter. I did a lot of research on George Washington for the first book in the series where the girls travel back in time to when George was just six years old and (allegedly) chopping down the cherry tree. So I included that research in the back of the book, along with links to a few of the historical websites I used for reference and an author bio.

I’m learning what matters…