Waking up to coffee… and more reviews!


It was a nice surprise to wake up and see that I had three new wonderful reviews for June on Amazon. The mere fact that you all go out of your way to give feedback and encouragement really means a lot to us authors. Let me tell you; for the most part, we (authors) are an insecure bunch.

So, thank you.

And these reviews couldn’t have come at a better time for me. In case you’re wondering where I’ve been lately, I’ve been busy trying to finish a series under a different pen name for adults. I love writing for kids (so I will always, always continue doing that), but I also like eating and electricity and being able to pay bills instead of stuffing them into my “magic drawer of disappearance” (which, as it turns out, doesn’t work as well as it sounds). So I know I have to branch out to other areas of writing in order to accomplish this eating/paying bills thing that my family loves so much.

But it also means I’ve been feeling especially insecure and overwhelmed lately. And your reviews and encouragement remind me why I’m really doing this. Thank you so much!