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Coming Soon:

I took a little time off to write some mystery novels for a different pen name (boring stuff for adults), and although I learned a lot about writing and I loved the experience, it also helped me realize something important: I like writing children’s books more.

It’s like my grandmother always said, “You have to try out different recipes before you know which one you can stomach.”

Okay, my grandmother never really said that. She was a crazy woman who made us pickled eggs and something questionable called “Hunky Salad,” so I’m pretty sure she could stomach anything.

But the point is, I’m back to writing the newest Time Machine Girls book along with a new middle grade series I hope you’ll like.

More details to come. Not about the Hunky Salad. I still have no idea what was actually in that.

Give a Book This Holiday Season

Books are one of my favorite Christmas gifts to give (and receive) because they last longer than a movie, jumpstart imaginations and creativity, and can make you laugh or cry for hours while taking you on an unexpected adventure. But when it comes to the gift-giving season, there’s really no way to wrap up an ebook (or if there is, I haven’t figured it out yet). That’s why this list was compiled. It’s full of indie children’s books that are available in print. Just click on the image and check it out. You may find a new favorite author. (Who are we kidding — I’ll always be your favorite — lol.) ;)

The New Time Machine Girls Book is Out!

I finally pushed “publish” on the fourth Time Machine Girls book today, so it should be available as soon as Amazon and iTunes approves it. (And, it’ll be on sale for $.99 for the next week, as promised.) The paperback is coming sometime in the next couple days, and my website will probably be down a few days here and there while I do some work on it this next week…


I’ll be sending out an email to my list today with all that news, a little bit extra about the new book — and the things to come!

But, I’m still not sure I’m sold on these new covers…

Ernestine, you are clearly a liar!

I know. I said I was going to have the fourth Time Machine Girls book released sometime in September, and that time has come and gone, and the book isn’t out yet. To quote one of my favorite characters, “Ugh!”

The book is in its editing phases, but I also have so many other things I need to do before I release it. You see, I want to run a big promotion with the release of this book. I’m hoping I can maybe, just maybe, (dare a girl to dream) start gaining a little more momentum with the series. To give you an idea of my workload, that means new covers for both print and ebooks, new descriptions, revamping the website… I’m a one-woman show and I’ve gotta start singing my heart out over here.

So I apologize for missing the deadline. To make it up to you, I’m going to put the next book on sale for 99 cents the first week it’s released. I’ll post here and send an email out to my list to let you know when that is. Very soon, though. I promise.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the new cover for Secrets I’ve been working on. My sister actually approves this time, so maybe the apples-oranges debate is over.


Woo Hoo! Courage is finally up in paperback!

small_TMG3_ CourageI’m not sure why it took me so long. Okay, actually I do. I wasn’t sure if I should go with the old cover or the new one. You’ve probably noticed the Time Machine Girls ebooks on Amazon look a lot different than the paperbacks on Createspace or the ebooks on iTunes. I’m not a very decisive person. So even though I changed the covers, I’m still not sure I like them enough to change them everywhere. One of these days I’m going to have money to get a professional set done (I make my own right now), but until then, I’m left with the skills and resources I have.

Anyway, I ended up going with the dark cover with golden gears even though the others on Createspace are all the colorful ones. But at least it’s up. I can finally check something off my to-do list. Back to working on the next book. More on that later…

Waking up to coffee… and more reviews!


It was a nice surprise to wake up and see that I had three new wonderful reviews for June on Amazon. The mere fact that you all go out of your way to give feedback and encouragement really means a lot to us authors. Let me tell you; for the most part, we (authors) are an insecure bunch.

So, thank you.

And these reviews couldn’t have come at a better time for me. In case you’re wondering where I’ve been lately, I’ve been busy trying to finish a series under a different pen name for adults. I love writing for kids (so I will always, always continue doing that), but I also like eating and electricity and being able to pay bills instead of stuffing them into my “magic drawer of disappearance” (which, as it turns out, doesn’t work as well as it sounds). So I know I have to branch out to other areas of writing in order to accomplish this eating/paying bills thing that my family loves so much.

But it also means I’ve been feeling especially insecure and overwhelmed lately. And your reviews and encouragement remind me why I’m really doing this. Thank you so much!


Another Review for Secrets! Yay!

10 reviews_secrets

I was really excited when I checked my author page and found The Time Machine Girls series had another review. Yay!!! As a new author, you have no idea how happy and thankful that makes me. Secrets now has 10 reviews, which means it qualifies for certain advertising spots. And yes, I screenshotted it because I’m geeking out just a little. Thanks, Everyone, for all the wonderful feedback. I’ll be using it all as I write the next book.

And just so you know, that book (book four) will be coming out in September.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

green pancakes

I had a great morning! I made my famous “St. Patrick’s Day” pancakes (because making green food is about the extent of our celebration), made sure we were all dressed in green so we wouldn’t get pinched, and went around the house talking in an Irish accent… that kind of sounded like Harry Potter became a pirate. Then I sat down to coffee and checked my email. I was thrilled to see Secrets had been selected as a feature on Reading Deals!

Yay!!! Luck of the Irish! (Note: I am not really Irish, but I celebrate like one on March 17th.)

Of course, I took a screenshot because I’m a dork. Here’s a link to the deal. It’s free, if you haven’t already checked it out and want to.

Screen shot 2016-03-17 at 11.10.58 AM